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Annual Holiday Potluck and Dale Partin talk on "Colonizing Mars"
Saturday, December 8, 2018   6:00PM
Time again for our anual holiday potluck gathering. In addition, Dale Partin will give us a talk on colonizing Mars. Dale is a very interesting speaker who has presented at Seven Ponds previously and was well received. Here is a brief explanation of his talk.

"Colonizing Mars has been the stuff of science fiction.  We are on the threshold of this becoming reality.  Elon Musk founded SpaceX to get people to Mars.  Some think we should colonize the Moon first to gain experience.  There are many challenges to be dealt with to live on Mars, such as living in reduced gravity, cosmic rays, growing food on Mars, energy sources, etc.  Longer term, engineering a Homo Martian species and terraforming Mars are on the table.  These and related issues will be discussed". 

We have an early start to the meeting so we can relax and enjoy the holiday festivities before the presentation. Please bring a dish to pass.
We plan on observing afterwards, weather permitting.

January, 2019   TBD

February, 2019  TBD


If you have any questions relating to astronomy, please contact me at 248-969-2790, or via e-mail at
John Lines




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